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Inland Island Paradise

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jabiruDefinitely a birder’s paradise, you have a very good chance of spotting the largest flying bird in the Western Hemisphere, the Jabiru Stork with a wing span of over 10 feet, who makes its home at the sanctuary.

Within the logwood swamps roost the Chestnut-bellied Herons and Bare-throated Tiger-Herons. You can also see the Agami Heron, Roseatte Spoonbill, Toucans, and Egrets, who are only a few of the over 250 species of birds identified there.

This tour comes complete with a delicious Belizean lunch at the Bird’s Eye View Lodge.

Get a firsthand experience of Belizean Culture, then board your tour van for a return drive to Belize City for duty free shopping.




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