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Jungle Pools & Cave Exploration

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junglepool_2Board your comfortable tour van in Belize City for a 90 minute drive up the Western Highway, passing the new capital, Belmopan, on to the north eastern foothills of the Maya Mountain Range, through fabulous broadleaf rainforest.

Check out the Latin American refugee villages of St. Matthews and Armenia just before arrival at St. Herman’s Cave, ancient worshipping ground of the Maya.

Your guide (s) will lead you with headlamps into this beautiful cave, with its bubbling mineral spring creek, crystal formations, stalagmites and stalactites.

Then move over to the Inland Blue Hole for a picnic lunch and swim in the clear waters of this “cenote” of the Maya.

Look out for many species of bird life in all the rainforest setting. Finally, board your tour van back to Belize City for duty free.




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